An action platformer and third-person shooter for up to 4-players on a mission to protect the loyal robotic canine, Qubit.

Play a co-op adventure campaign or compete with other players in 10 fast-paced minigames!
It’s your quest to
protect Qubit!
Kwantum is a secret tactical military AI that created machines to take over the globe. It's up to the Resistance and their lo-tech obsolete bots, like Qubit, to gather intel and take back control.

Your mission is to ensure the safe delivery of Qubit’s communications and data. Be careful! Qubit has a tough exterior, but is easily distracted. You must keep him safe at all costs. The success of the Resistance depends on you.
Dog Gun It!
Test your accuracy in this mini game! Your mission is to destroy as many Flying Drones as you can before they get away. You have only three shots to clear the screen and shoot the minimum number of drones to move on. Challenge your friends and aim for the highest score to win.
Juggle Jumble
Don't drop the ball in this Qubit mini game, literally! It's your job to keep the ball up in the air and away from the molten lava that covers the cave floor. Power Ups within the game can either help you or hurt you. The player with the highest score wins, which means things are bound to get heated.
Spaced Out
Qubit can be a little spacey, but not as much as this mini game! Join him in outer space as you shoot and destroy the mines hurdling towards you. Different colored mines represent different point amounts, but hit the red and you're dead. Score the most points and you'll be the star!
Ruff Alley
This mini game can be ruff! Hit the targets as they pop up, but don't be fooled, only hit the ones with the Ground Tropper robots. Take down the most, and you'll put a target on your back.
We have a bone to pick with you! In this challenge, Qubit is trapped in a bubble and you'll have to work together to move him towards the bones to collect them. Watch out for those pesky Ground Troopers though, they'll burst your bubble!
Floppy Dog
You'll be floating on air in this mini game. Keep Qubit floating through the Databanks for as long as possible! If he hits the obstacles too many times he'll malfunction and it's Game Over. Try to outlast your friends or you'll be a flop.
Whistle Command
Incoming! In this mini game, you have to protect as many of Qubit's dog houses as you can. Use your ammo wisely though, you only have 60 Electro Blast Missiles to destroy incoming missiles from the enemy. Work together and you'll be sure to have a blast!
Robot Invasion
Stand your ground in this mini game. Group Troppers are planning on invading Earth, destroy them before they can make their way down to the ground! Land your shots and save the planet.
Quick Draw
Test your aim and your reflexes with this mini game. Join Qubit in a minecar and be quick on the draw as you try to shoot the green area of the targets to make the ride last longer. Have a showdown with your friends to see who can get the highest time.
Jet Pack
Navigate cyberspace in this mini game! Travel through the network and safely guide Qubit through as many firewalls as you can. Be careful not to miss or you may crash the system.
Available Now
For Xbox One & PlayStation 4
Includes: One MARS LIGHTCON (lightgun), the MARS IR STATION (camera) and Qubit's Quest game.