A whole new way to
Play Together
The Advanced Gaming Platform R&D Team at Performance Designed Products (PDP), the team behind Disney Infinity and LEGO Dimensions, is responsible for bringing MARS™ to life. PDP draws from superior engineering capability and years of experience developing advanced technology.
The MARS Platform

Whether you’re an avid gamer or an enthusiastic rookie, we want you to have fun. With MARS, we’ve built a truly immersive lightgun gaming experience that you’ll love to play over and over again.

MARS is a unique at home arcade lightgun gaming experience for up to 4 players. With advanced IR technology compatible with all types of TVs and projectors, start a solo mission or play with friends right from the comfort of your own living room.

Each MARS bundle includes one MARS LIGHTCON (lightgun), the MARS IR STATION (camera) and one of three downloadable games available at launch - Big Buck Hunter: Arcade, Qubit's Quest and Voyage of the Dead.

Get ready to play MARS! Visit the FAQs & Tips page for more information.