Qubit’s Quest
This MARS™ Light Gun game is an action platformer and third-person shooter. With up to 4-players protecting your loyal robotic canine, Qubit, you’re on a mission to defeat the Singularity and his minions.
Qubit’s Quest contains a co-op adventure campaign and 10 fast-paced minigames to compete with other players!
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It’s your job to protect Qubit! Welcome to the Rover Blaster Tactical Team. Your mission is to ensure the safe delivery of Qubit’s communications and data. Be careful! Qubit has a tough exterior, but is easily distracted. You must keep him safe at all costs. The success of the Resistance depends on you.

Qubit’s Quest is currently in development with Two Okes, founded in November of 2016 by three video game industry veterans each with 20+ years of development experience. A shared passion for emerging technologies brought the three founding members together, centered around a vision of forging new and innovative hardware based interactive experiences.

Two Okes has been behind major games including Sleeping Dogs, Disney Infinity’s Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set, and Little Big Planet Karting.

Qubit’s Quest is perfect for gamers of all ages. Follow Qubit on his adventures and play with friends!
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Voyage of the Dead
This MARS™ Light Gun couch co-op game is set on a cruise ship overrun by a zombie outbreak, with up to 4-players caught in the chaos.
Voyage of the Dead is an action-packed zombie shooter with a quirky art style and a campy sense of humor.
8 playable characters pick up pistols, rifles, rocket launchers, alien weapons, and more in the fight against a horde of undead menaces.

This isn’t your normal stress-free cruise. After the zombie outbreak, you’ve got to fight to make it out alive. Voyage of the Dead lets you choose your character and use everything you got to protect the passengers. Build your best team and wield your weapons wisely in this desperate race for survival!

The developer for Voyage of the Dead, Gaming Corps, Austin, began life as Red Fly Studios, founded in 2005. The team has worked extensively in Unreal, Unity, and other engines on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Wii, and mobile. Gaming Corps has extensive experience developing products on worldwide brands and characters including Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Fear the Walking Dead, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Voyage of the Dead is a thrilling 4-player game designed for users aged 18 and up. Fight with friends to make it out alive!
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