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With a MARS IR STATION that detects the laser on any display, including SD, HD, 4K, and projectors, our MARS LIGHTCON uses a low power laser for pinpoint accuracy. The MARS™ unit can also support couch co-op for up to 4 players on all types of TVs. We’ve partnered with game development studios to build two at-launch titles, Qubit’s Quest and Voyage of the Dead, and we’re open to future development.

The brief history of

Light Gun technology was popularized in 1984 for home video game consoles, starting with the Nintendo Entertainment System. Original Light Guns for video game consoles were only compatible with Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) televisions and used the CRT Scanline targeting method.

As televisions with LCD and plasma screens became more widespread, CRT televisions started to die out. Since these types of screens are not compatible with Light Guns, the technology had to be altered. In 2006, Nintendo popularized IR emitters for use with their Wii console. With an IR emitter placed near the TV, the Wii remote used an IR sensor to determine where the remote is aimed. The problem with IR technology is that it can generate lag and be inaccurate compared to traditional Light Guns.

With exciting technological advancements developed by our talented development team, light gun gaming is no longer exclusive to arcades and can now be used on modern televisions. As a whole new way to play, the newly developed MARS LIGHTCON, is something you’ll need to experience for yourself. The adventure is just beginning, so make sure you check out all that MARS™ has to offer.

The secret of our

In order for our MARS LIGHTCON to have unprecedented accuracy, we needed to develop a MARS IR STATION that would fit right into your living space and we needed to make sure it could smoothly track the movements of all 4 players during couch co-op.

The camera is key when it comes to compatibility with modern LCD and plasma screens. With a low power IR laser, gamers can make sure every single MARS LIGHTCON shot lands where it’s supposed to.

Designing the MARS™
The MARS LIGHTCON is what makes this gaming experience so unique. Aim and hit your targets with unmatched precision while also sharing the screen with your team. With so many ways to play, you’re going to need a fully decked out light gun.
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